Jacob Nordby invites you to join him and many others in an inner revolution to restore creative health and sanity. Grab your pass for this live, interactive webinar and learn: - Why restoring your creative connection is crucial to navigating your life in these times. -The 3 Enemies of Creativity (and what to do about them). - How your inner creative self holds the answers you need now. - Simple ways to heal the connection to your inner creative self and establish a daily transformative practice that can change everything.
3-week Live Video Course with best-selling author & witch, Judika Illes! What if the practice of witchcraft is simply remembering the magic of who you truly are? Begin the adventure with this introductory course led by one of the most respected modern witches of our day. Judika Illes has written many books and led people through the process of restoring the connection to their natural gifts and powers.  This best-selling author will teach you how to have fun as you learn to practice simple, effective spells and the basics of modern witchcraft.
The Gathering of the Creatives An INTERACTIVE online event Jump To Register Now Teacher Bios & Workshop Descriptions FAQs December […]
The Gathering of the Creatives is an annual, one-of-a-kind event that takes place at the Eldorado Hotel & Spa in historic Santa Fe, New Mexico, September 3-5, 2021 Led by Julia Cameron, author of the bestselling book The Artist’s Way, SARK!, Flora Bowley and other creative teachers, this weekend event is all about exercising your creativity, and understanding how a regular creative practice can foster happiness and transformation in your life. We believe that being creative is one of the forgotten keys to a happy and fulfilling life, and the experiential workshops at this event are designed to help you find, revitalize, and reenergize your inner artist!
Whether you are just dreaming about your author career … or have already self-published and want to increase your success, this course is for you!

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