By the author of Blessed Are the Weird—with brand-new lessons from his upcoming book, The Creative Cure This is a gentle course to help you get reacquainted with your “inner artist” and learn how to express it in your life


Creative unBootcamp is meant to help you develop your own “creative practice” with tools you can use for the rest of your life

“Jacob Nordby is a masterful teacher. Part mystic and part Merlin, he calls forth the creativity of his pupils in a gentle, yet provocative way.”

Julia Cameron

author, The Artist’s Way

“Jacob Nordby’s UN-bootcamp course is a FEAST of creativity and uncommon ways to be that way more often in your life. He gets the SARK STOMP of more than approval!”


transformational teacher & author of 15 best-selling books

Do You Ever

Wonder why some people’s creative ideas come together but yours fall apart

Struggle with the sinking feeling of “I’m not enough” or “I don’t belong here”

Wish that your inner critic would shut up and stop blocking your great ideas

Long to create more in your life but lack the focus or energy to get it done

Feel like you get in your own way but don’t know what to do about it

Procrastinate instead of doing what really matters to you

Learn to use the Creative Formula that can help you cut through these complex issues with unlikely simplicity and fun

The Creative Myth

Check Out This Limiting Belief

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4 Live Weekly Online Class Sessions

Access via phone, computer, or mobile device from anywhere in the world

Each class recorded. Replays & all worksheets provided with your membership.

60-minute sessions with live Q&A + a private Facebook group so you can interact with Jacob and your coursemates

Wednesday Evenings

January 8 | January 15 | January 22 | January 29

8 pm Eastern | 7 pm Central | 6 pm Mountain | 5 pm Pacific


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$ 229
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“Not only is Jacob one of my best and most trusted friends, he’s also a mentor, a co-creator and my “go to” guy when it comes to my own creative process. One of the things I love about Jacob is that his idea of teaching others is to “go with the student” as both a guide and a fellow explorer – And that’s what makes his work with others so genuine, so powerful and so much fun too. ”

Paul Boynton

author & founder of begin with Yes and be amazing!

“A strong yet gentle way to release creative blocks, Creative UnBootcamp is built for those of us who can feel the heart of our creative work beating inside of us, but have struggled to pull it out into the light.”

Lauren Sapala

author, The INFJ Writer and The INFJ Revolution

“Jacob creates a safe place that helps you find your way back to your soul through his highly transformative creative process. He is real, compassionate and will help pinpoint where your creative brilliance truly lies. This work is right kind of push to help you reach your deepest creative potential, that wondrous place that is always just beyond our reach when we are working alone. Give yourself the gift of working with Jacob.”

Lisa Campion

Psychic Counselor, Author of Psychic Reiki & other books

What's Included:

Four Weeks – Four Highly-Engaged Sessions that include…

Start where you are now. 

This course helps you gain clarity about your current reality and your desired end result. Where are you right now and what would you love to create in your life? Experience a rebirth of vital energy and your ability to dream.

Anchor your creative dreams.

Life happens. It’s easy to create a future vision but get lost in the details and sudden challenges along the way. You will learn to grow your dreams from a firm foundation.

Work it out!

Establish a daily practice of creative rituals proven to help you tune into your intuition and energy. This keeps you moving in the direction of your desired results.

Become a conscious storyteller.

Every human is a master storyteller. Most of these stories are unconsciously told 24/7 but shape our reality every day. Learn to release old stories and use the real magic of conscious storytelling to change your life.

Use the power of tension.

Learn the difference between stress and tension—and how to make the switch so that you can harness the creative power you need for transformation in every area. This allows you to create what you love and be energized rather than struggle with exhaustion in the process.

The Creative Question that changes everything.

You will learn to use this powerful question repeatedly for the rest of your life. This transforms complexity into the simplest path forward in the direction of your desired result.

Live Weekly Sessions.

 Tune in via your computer, mobile device, or phone. Each session is recorded and you have access to the resources page where you can replay the classes whenever you need them. Even if your schedule won’t allow you to attend the live class, you won’t miss a thing!

Group Support.

When you enroll, you receive an invitation to our private Facebook group where you can interact with Jacob Nordby and other course members. This is one of the most valuable aspects as you discover that you are not alone and have a safe place to share in real time with fellow creatives.

Easy to follow course materials + lifetime access to resources.

You are provided with worksheets and assignments during this course that keeps the process simple. Plus, you are free to access these resources whenever you need them in the future for practice and review.

The Personal Assessment is a key tool in this course.

You will be provided with this questionnaire and offered instruction for how to use it in your process of clarity and the creation of compelling end results. Paired with the Three-Part Process described below, this is a valuable component that can help you identify where the flow of creative energy has been previously blocked. Simple, gentle, and eye-opening, this is designed to give you new insight and grounded action steps.

Your Course Leader

Jacob Nordby is the creator of this course, and author of Blessed Are the Weird – A Manifesto for Creatives. He leads writing groups, offers private creative coaching, and facilitates retreat intensives. He offers safe spaces where people can liberate themselves to create things and lives that matter.

He is currently finishing a new book titled The Creative Cure based on the principles taught in this course. This book is set to release in 2020 by Hierophant Publishing.

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$ 159
  • See below to learn what is offered immediately after you join this course, for either single-payment or monthly option!


$ 59
  • Pay $59 now and your next two equal payments will process in automatic 30-day increments from start date

Frequently Asked Questions

“I’m just not that creative” is one of the most common mantras. If you have thought or said it, you aren’t alone. We stand for a simple truth: every human on earth is born with creative powers. In fact, all of us are creating in every moment of life. Most of us are creating our lives in an unconscious state, which leads to frustration, boredom, depression, and struggle. This course is designed to help you regain your native creative state and use your powers consciously.

Creative UnBootcamp is meant to help you turn down the static of life and tune in to your own inner channel. If you struggle with a lack of clarity or confusion about what you truly desire, this course offers a way to simplify and deepen your connection to the voice of your nature. 

This is an intensive experience. By enrolling, you are devoting time and focus on what’s important to you. You may experience fear, irritation, or other forms of resistance as you approach the old blocks, patterns, or challenges that have hindered you in the past. The Bootcamp part is where you are encouraged to stay the course, even if it feels uncomfortable at times. We call it “un-Bootcamp” because, unlike the usual idea of boot camps, we don’t use shame, group pressure, or intimidation to get the job done. In this setting, you are invited to connect with your desire and learn how to use joy as the fuel. It’s a tough-but-gentle approach that has been proven to be many times more effective than the harsher ways. You don’t need more punishment as motivation! 

RIGHT?!? Jacob Nordby offers private creative coaching at $150/hr. He loves to find ways of making these immersive experiences more affordable. Doing it in a group setting like this allows many people to participate all at once and get over 6 hours of intensive mentoring for a fraction of the usual cost. In addition to the four live online sessions, Jacob will interact in the private Facebook group before and during the Course, so you can ask questions and get tons of support along the way.

When you enroll, you will receive an email with instructions for how to access the private Facebook group and where to find the group resources page. You will be able to start interacting with Jacob and other group members immediately! You will also receive a PDF download of the self-assessment – Creativity as a Tool for Transformation. This will help you get started and will be used throughout the course. When the live classes start, you will receive emails with instructions for how to tune in and how to access the recorded replays. 

This course is quite a bit different than any of the previous versions. Jacob Nordby has spent the last year distilling the lessons and is excited to share his personal breakthrough with the Creative Formula. If you take this new version of the course, you’ll be surprised by what has changed. Hint: it’s a lot simpler and easier to apply in your daily life. 

Have other questions about this course?

Send us a note and we’ll answer as quickly as possible!

What Others Are Saying

“I signed up for UnBootcamp with writing in mind, as that’s my art-love: writing. I didn’t expect it to go beyond that. And I’m glad it did. Jacob’s offering is a welcome antidote to the galaxy of programs and courses available that offer a templated approach to creativity. Since taking this, I’ve crafted a journey that has led me more toward a sense of ‘home’ than I’ve ever felt from a creative perspective. I now feel less a need to complete a checklist on how to live and write creatively, and more able to continue to forge a path that is true to my soul’s call. My gratitude to Jacob and the insights he provides in this course cannot be overstated. The resulting journey has been infused with love, truth, discovery, and magic—words I don’t use lightly.”
Matt Perkins
“Finding my creative center and where my soul’s path lies hasn’t been the easiest road to travel, but Jacob is filled will the tools, knowledge, and encouragement I needed to not only help me see what was blocking me from getting to my creative center but to work through them. It has truly been a life-changing experience.”
Mindy Hanlon
“Working with Jacob Nordby in the Creative Unbootcamp has helped bring me out of my shell and truly consider what’s alive in my heart. I am actively taking steps to follow my dreams and open to new possibilities that I was too scared to even admit out loud before. Jacob leads the group with strength, conviction, and a disarming sense of humor. The true power in his ways is that he offers opportunities and extends invitations without pushing or judging, thus placing the responsibility in my lap. I had to decide – am I doing this? Do I want this? When I answered yes, my own abilities, power, and strength rose up. I am eternally grateful for choosing this path, getting to work with Jacob, meeting new and inspiring people, and all the doors this has opened up for me.”
Emily Peeso Perkins
“Jacob Nordby is a most loving pirate; fearless in his courage and his willingness to sail the seas of uncharted knowledge in his wish for my success. His intuition, knowledge, and experience made for a beautifully robust and compassionate journey into the secret places of my own treasure.”
Toby Negus
“I am so grateful for the clarity and sense of family/community your course has provided me over the years. I always feel like I am sitting around the fire with my tribe during your classes. Through insights from you and others, I gain clarity, and my anxiety about sharing my heart with the world fall away. I have made your class an annual occasion. It’s a time for me to get clear on my purpose and my artistic endeavors for the year. Thank you for all you do. When you beat the drum I hear the call.”
Darcy Bellows


$ 159
  • See below to learn what is offered immediately after you join this course, for either single-payment or monthly option!


$ 59
  • Pay $59 now and your next two equal payments will process in automatic 30-day increments from start date

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