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Invoking the Archangels

A Nine-Step Process to Heal Your Body, Mind and Soul

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Release Date : Feb 07, 2012
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Type(s) : Paperback, Kindle, Audible Audio Edition

No one is truly alone. Every person can, at any moment, call upon not only one Archangel but seven specific Archangels to bring blessings and protection – you just need to learn how to ask. In this instructional book, Sunny Dawn Johnston will show you how to call out to each individual Archangel, to know them by name, and to develop your own special relationship with every one of them. Sunny details the qualities, gifts, and traits of each of the seven Archangels, and in her heartwarming prose, she forms a clear picture of the abundant energy, vibration and unconditional love that each of the Archangels have for us.

Through the inspirational Nine Steps, Sunny guides the reader from a place of low vibration, pain or darkness into the healing light and everyday presence of the Archangels. She surrounds these teachings with vibrant, personal insights from her own story – including the poignant memories of when she herself first began to call out to the Archangels and opened herself to receiving their love and guidance.

Read Invoking the Archangels to learn how to call upon the Archangels with an open heart and experience transformation of body, mind and soul.


About the Author:

Sunny-DawnPhotoSunny Dawn Johnston is a psychic medium and spiritual teacher. She is the founder of Sunlight Alliance LLC., a spiritual teaching and healing center in Glendale, AZ. Sunny has been featured on many television and radio shows including Coast to Coast with George Noory andGood Morning Arizona. She has hosted an international radio show as well as two Internet radio shows. Visit Sunny at

ISBN 978-0-9818771-4-3
Paperback, 120 pages