Sedona 2019

All Inclusive Destination Retreat!
Your Registration Includes Meals & Lodging

September 27-29

Fri 7:30 pm – 9 pm
Sat 8 am – 9:30 pm
Sun 8:00 am – 1 pm

At the Sedona Mago Retreat
Sedona, Arizona 

(You may arrive to the retreat center as early
as 1 pm on Friday to enjoy the amenities it offers!)


Late registration September 23 through “At The Door”
(if rooms still available)



Private ROOM

Late Registration Tuition


Late Registration – September 23 – At The Door $1697
(IF seats still available)

+ $13 credit card handling fees listed during checkout as “Shipping”
No paper tickets will be mailed. You will receive email confirmation of your registration.


Late Registration Tuition


Late Registration – September 23 – At The Door $1297
(IF seats still available)

+ $13 credit card handling fees listed during checkout as “Shipping”
No paper tickets will be mailed. You will receive email confirmation of your registration.


For “Shared Room” registrations, you may tell us who your travel companion is, if any, or allow us to pair you with a female room mate.

After you register, you will be directed to a special form in which you can indicate your room mate preference and any special dietary considerations.

Your Registration Includes

  • Evening Meal Friday, Banquet Breakfast, Luncheon & Dinner on Saturday + Sunday Breakfast, & Lunch!
  • Warrior Goddess Firewalk and Bonfire Celebration!
  • Saturday Morning Yoga Session
  • Membership in a private Warrior Goddess Facebook Group where you can connect with HeatherAsh Amara and other attendees immediately! Details will be sent via email immediately after you register.
Warrior Goddess Wisdom Weekend
You will learn…
  • The Four CRITICAL Components for a Warrior Goddess
  • How to Systematically Come Back Home to Yourself Over and Over Again – even when you are triggered or scared
  • Ways to get FREE of old beliefs, habits, and actions that no longer serve you
  • How to befriend your body and quiet your mind

How to acquire the 5 “MUST HAVES” for owning your warrior goddess self

1.    A solid, trusting connection to your unique, authentic essence 
2.    A mind that is creative, playful, and focused (no more negative self-talk)
3.    Self-compassion, self-compassion, and more self-compassion 
4.    A light and open heart, free of the heavy weight of the past 
5.    The courage to stand with yourself, no matter what (no more self-abandonment)

This powerful weekend retreat is life changing! Register for your spot now.


Event Description


Awaken Your Inner Fire

During this weekend we will explore the powerful element of fire!

Fire is connected to your energetic body and brings you vibrancy, creativity, and the ability to tap into magic.

Every thought, action, and experience either brightens or dampens your energy. Through shamanic practices you will learn how to bring more energy into your being, how to create an inner container to hold your energy, and how to direct energy towards creating a more conscious, creative life.

Special teachings just for this weekend event:

  • Learn the ancient technique of recapitulation to recapture energy from your past
  • Secrets to shield and protect your energy so you stay solid no matter what
  • Ceremonies to clear out old ancestral patterns and energies that no longer serve you

You are invited to take part in this LIVE Warrior Goddess Wisdom Weekend
with HeatherAsh Amara.


This event includes a Firewalk and Bonfire Celebration!

Click here to read FIREWALK FAQ’s

Mago means “Mother.”

Come home to yourself in this beautiful place,
and allow the Great Mother to hold you in sacred space.
The red rocks, and sky, and desert sun become your allies
in realizing the Warrior Goddess within.

This Warrior Goddess Wisdom Weekend will explore specific lessons & teachings from the entire Warrior Goddess Training series.

Surrounded by the power of Sedona’s natural vortexes, you will be invited to dive deeply into the essence of what it means to embody the Warrior Goddess Principles of WISDOM, AUTHENTICITY, and YES!

Each day’s sessions build a stronger foundation and framework, anchoring the energetic transformation in your heart and mind so that you return to your life with renewed commitment to reclaim your own true power!


Sarah Marshank


Also joining HeatherAsh in Sedona this year is one of her dearest friends, Sarah Marshank. Sarah will be sharing Selfistry,  a system she developed that is dedicated to mastering the art of being human, integrating Eastern philosophy and practices with modern psychology and neuro-somatic systems. Sarah developed Selfistry as a process for discovering how to show up as your truest Self in the modern world. Through understanding how Selfistry’s three pillars – Source, Self, and Witness – are at work in your life, Selfistry helps you ignite the joy and vibrancy that comes with living from your authentic self.


Among the rejuvenating activities in store for this Warrior Goddess Wisdom Weekend, you are invited to participate in a powerful yoga session in one of the world’s most beautiful settings.

Labyrinth Meditation

HeatherAsh Amara will lead you in a meditative labyrinth walk as one of the weekend’s powerful experiences.

Rest – Rejuvenate – Reflect

Sedona Mago Retreat offers you extraordinary spaces for quiet reflection.
You will be amazed by how your body, mind, and spirit respond to the natural energy and vibrations of this setting.

Here is a short video about this fascinating venue in magical Sedona!