Learn to take stunning pictures with your smartphone & see the world with new eyes

Elizabeth Watt - Professor of Photography & Creativity

In this workshop you learn how to use your smartphone as a tool to heighten the quality of day-to-day existence.

Rather than a source of perpetual distraction, our smartphone cameras can be used in our mindfulness practice. We learn how to refresh our vision by breaking through ‘habituated’ seeing.

You will learn how to develop a ‘Good Eye’. Through visual presentation, tips, exercises, suggested readings and assignments to take home, not only will you feel more awake and alive, more creative and intuitive; you’ll also see an immediate transformation in the quality of your image making.


This online workshop is designed for photographers of every skill level looking to expand their creativity and vision, as well as those interested in using photography as a mindfulness practice.

Anyone can develop a ‘Good Eye’ with practice!

It’s a muscle we can build like any other. This workshop will focus on the pleasure and the power of discovering beauty in unexpected places.

Have you ever wondered why some photographs of the mundane—the ordinary in everyday life—resonate with us so powerfully?


What makes certain images so magical, original or illuminating?


It’s about actively ‘seeing’ as opposed to passively looking, and understanding the aesthetic aspects of visual discernment such as composition, light and shadow, perspective, depth-of-field, color, symmetry, texture, line and curve.


Through visual online sessions, daily exercises, and explorations that bring you closer to real ‘seeing’, you’ll learn how to refine your critical eye and indulge in practices that awaken your creative spirit.

What you need to bring…

Bring your camera of choice—smartphones are fine—a journal, your ideas, and most importantly an open mind.


Three Weeks – Three Highly-Engaging
Online Classes!

Tuesday Evenings 7 pm – 8:30 pm Eastern

August 13, 20, 27


Each live class session is recorded and we will send you a replay link so you don’t have to miss a thing

*Connect from anywhere in the world via your computer, tablet, or mobile phone

Private Facebook group included so you can interact with your teacher and fellow students


Early Bird Enrollment just $69 – EXTENDED through July 21!

Regular Registration $99 – July 22 – August 10

Late Registration $129 – After August 11

What Others Are Saying...

“I so enjoyed the opportunity to take your workshop at Rancho and the chance to meet and share some ideas with you. For me the test of a good book or film is whether it has changed the way I look at the world or myself in some way that lasts beyond the immediate experience. I am still noticing the world around me through a different lens since your workshop… and am thankful for that.”  — Dr. David Sobel, co-author of the books, The Healing Brain and The Healthy Mind


“You are an inspiration Elizabeth. I love the way you work and the way you communicate about photography. You are an excellent teacher and so inspiring. You’ve taught me a lot, and I love to learn.” — Melba Levick, award winning author of over 60 photographic books in architecture, décor, and travel


“Thank you, Elizabeth, for being exactly the teacher I needed at just the right moment. You have opened my eyes to a whole new way to experience the world,and for that, I’m very grateful.” — Marilyn Phister, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


“Thank you Elizabeth for the rich, generative, deep-dive experience you gave us. It was exactly what I needed. Grateful for the tools you gave us that allow us to see with more clarity and capture the beauty and quintessence of life.” — Stephanie Bennett Vogt, founder, www.spaceclear.com


“High wattage, burning bright, nice and thoughtful, she turns on the light. Quietly, knowingly, seemingly brilliantly she leads the way to find new sight.” — Jim T.

Seeing. Creating. Being.

One of the greatest things my career as a photographer has given me is the gift of paying attention.  

I found my path as a photographer early on. Heading off to college to pursue broadcast journalism, I was given an old Pentax to play around with for the summer by a family friend. The subsequent joy I felt—wandering with intention, exploring—tuning in to my surroundings and then seeing the image emerge as something beautiful—uniquely of my own creation; the immediacy of it—felt so exciting to me. I was hooked. I still have one of those first images on my bulletin board above my desk….some 30 years later. 

From my NYC- based studio I’ve enjoyed a 25 plus year career shooting food, still life, and beauty for a wide range of clients across all industries—editorial, advertising, corporate and fine art. It’s been endlessly creative, fun, challenging and rewarding. I’m so grateful for all the creative freedom and the opportunity to collaborate with so many incredibly talented people along the way.  

I’ve also enjoyed teaching photography and creativity as an adjunct professor at The Newhouse School and workshop locations around the country. Most intrigued by the concept of ‘Good Eye’, I function as a facilitator, a guide, in helping people take their visual discernment to a new level—as a discipline—using their camera as a tool. My daughter, an amazing image maker in her own right, posed the question “How do you see?” when she was 8 years old. I’ve been exploring that question ever since. 

I recently relocated to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, where I was simply drawn to the beauty, which, in a very deep down sense, abounds. It’s also brought me back to my roots as a photographer, where simply walking around with my camera—tuning in rather than tuning out with fresh eyes—is my greatest joy still.