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February 8-12, 2016

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Meet The Teachers

Warrior Goddess Awareness: How To Notice Your Weak Boundaries and What to Do About It

HeatherAsh Amara, best-selling author of Warrior Goddess Training, will teach you how to say YES to life and get deeply nourished, and how to say NO with love and presence to what is no longer working in your life. These tools and guidance will show how to use the power of your voice to state your needs without blame or negativity. You will learn how to listen to your inner wisdom, connect with the abundance of energy and support that surrounds you at all times, and speak your truth with an open heart.

HeatherAsh Amara is dedicated to inspiring depth, creativity, and joy by sharing the most potent tools from a variety of world traditions. She studied and taught extensively with don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements, and continues to teach with the Ruiz family.

HeatherAsh was raised in Southeast Asia and travelled extensively as a child. She brings this openhearted, inclusive worldview to her writings and teachings, which are a rich blend of Toltec wisdom, European shamanism, Buddhism, and Native American ceremony. She is the author of Warrior Goddess TrainingThe Warrior Goddess Training Companion BookThe Toltec Path of Transformation and No Mistakes: How You Can Change Adversity into Abundance. She is currently writing The Warrior Goddess Way, which is scheduled for release in 2016.


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Passion! Tap Into Your Pathway of Awareness

don Miguel Ruiz, Jr., best-selling author of The Five Levels of Attachment and Living a Life of Awareness, teaches that passion is our new motivator, stoked only by unconditional love and recognition of our limitless potential to move forward in the trajectory of our choosing. Passion is the expression of unconditional love as we manifest and create our work of art, which is life.

At the age of 14, don Miguel Jr. apprenticed to his father don Miguel Sr. and his grandmother, Madre Sarita. From that early age, he was called upon to translate Madre Sarita’s prayers, lectures and workshops from Spanish into English. In this way, through constant repetition and review, he learned the content of her teachings in both languages.

Through interpreting for Madre Sarita, don Miguel Jr. came to understand the power of faith. He saw first-hand how she manifested her intent to heal people, both physically and spiritually.

don Miguel Jr.’s apprenticeship lasted 10 years. When he reached his mid-20’s, his father intensified his training. At the apex of this power journey, don Miguel said to his eldest son, “Find your way out. Go home and master Death by becoming alive.”

For the past six years, don Miguel Jr. has applied the lessons learned from his father and grandmother to define and enjoy his own personal freedom while achieving peace with all of creation.

Today, don Miguel Jr. is married and has two young children. And so, as a Nagual he begins once again to pass along the wisdom and the tools of his family’s traditions in helping others to achieve their own personal freedom and optimal physical and spiritual health.

Miguel Jr. has taken the lessons of his father and grandmother and discovered his own personal freedom. Being able to apply his teachings to the world around him gave Miguel Jr. a new understanding of the lessons his father and grandmother had passed onto him, once again giving him the desire to pass on his beliefs. After decades of training, Miguel Jr. was finally ready to share everything he had learned. As a Nagual, he now helps others discover optimal physical and spiritual health, so that they may achieve their own personal freedom.

He is the author of The Five Levels of Attachment, Living a Life of Awareness, and his newest book, The Mastery of Self—A Toltec Guide to Freedom, is scheduled for release in 2016.

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10 Tips for a Mindful Home

with Karen Maezen Miller, author of Paradise in Plain Sight and Hand Wash Cold

From the moment you wake up until you turn out the lights, Zen Buddhist priest and bestselling author Karen Maezen Miller offers ten simple and powerful ways to bring mindfulness to life at home.

Karen Maezen Miller is the author of Hand Wash Cold, Momma Zen, and most recently Paradise in Plain Sight. She’s also a Zen Buddhist priest, meditation teacher, wife, and mother.

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The Magic of the Second Attention: Dropping Old Beliefs and Baggage

with Brandt Morgan, author of Vision Walk and The Five Agreements Game

Learn the difference between “First Attention” and “Second Attention” and how awareness is the key to using them to create real magic in your life with Toltec teacher Brandt Morgan. Using the simple, powerful exercises he will share, your everyday life will never be the same!

Brandt Morgan is an internationally known writer and teacher whose passion is helping people find their true selves and the vision and courage to live their dreams. His classes, workshops, publications, and personalized coaching and apprenticeship programs combine the wisdom of the heart with common sense and powerful tools from many traditions.

Brandt Morgan is also the creator of Vision Walk, a simple meditation process that makes it possible to answer questions and solve problems in just a few minutes by accessing your own inner wisdom.

Brandt’s philosophy is simple: “We are all interconnected. When we remember who we are and begin to live our dreams, we inspire others to do the same. And that inspiration sends ripples of freedom and new possibility around the world.”

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Hiding in Plain Sight: Your Home has Something to Tell You

with Stephanie Bennett Vogt, best-selling author of Your Spacious Self and A Year to Clear

If your home could speak, what would it tell you? What would it say it needs more of? Less of? Find out as Stephanie Bennett Vogt takes you on a guided (meditative) tour of your home. Discover what your home has to say; which areas and possessions are more stuck than others; and what small, specific steps you can take to release stuck energy and bring about nourishing and lasting change in your home and life.

You may be surprised to discover that hiding in plain sight are all the answers to creating the spaciousness, ease, and flow you’ve always dreamed of. Learn a whole new, simpler, way to clear your home and life, where spacious detachment rules and awareness changes everything. 

Stephanie Bennett Vogt, MA, is a twice-certified space clearing expert, teacher, and the author of Your Spacious Self: Clear the Clutter and Discover Who You Are, and A Year to Clear: A Daily Guide to Creating Spaciousness in Your Home and Heart. Her passion is to change the way the world relates to stress and stuff, and teach simpler, gentler ways to release it that lighten, enlighten, and last.

Stephanie brings nearly forty years to SpaceClear, the teaching and consulting practice she founded in 1996 helping homes and people come into balance. She has taught her inspiring clearing programs at centers worldwide, including Kripalu and the New England School of Feng Shui, and is the creator of two bestselling courses on DailyOM, which now count on over 20,000 participants combined. Her work on simplifying, self-discovery, and letting go appears on the Huffington Post and in two book anthologies: Pearls of Wisdomwith Jack Canfield, Marci Shimoff, et. al. and The Thought That Changed My Life Forever with authors Drs. Joe Dispenza, Bernie Siegel and others.

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Talking to Yourself: The Secret to Healthy Communication

with Cynthia Kane, author of How to Communicate Like A Buddhist

To communicate well with others we first need to learn how to speak to ourselves. In this class you’ll learn to speak to yourself in a way that’s kind, free of judgment and helpful. Only after learning to speak honestly without exaggeration or judgment to ourselves can we begin to have healthy, intimate and helpful conversations.

Cynthia Kane received her BA from Bard College and her MFA from Sarah Lawrence College. She is a certified meditation and mindfulness instructor and is dedicated to helping men and women change their communication routines so they feel understood at home and at work, in control of their words and reactions, calm in the face of difficult conversations, and confident living with an increased feeling of safety, energy, and appreciation for life. She lives in Washington, DC  and offers workshops and personal coaching.

Her new book, How To Communicate Like A Buddhist, is set to release in spring of 2016.

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Parenting With Presence: Tools and Tips for Raising Our Children…and Ourselves

with Susan Stiffelman, author of Parenting with Presence

Author and psychotherapist Susan Stiffelman will share practical guidance on managing the challenging moments of parenting in ways that allow us to deepen our connection with our children and heal the unfinished parts of ourselves that get triggered when they refuse to cooperate, ignore our requests, or behave in ways that push our buttons.

Susan Stiffelman, mft is the bestselling author of Parenting with Presence and Parenting without Power Struggles. She is a licensed marriage and family therapist, a credentialed teacher, and the Huffington Post’s weekly “Parent Coach” advice columnist. She lives in Malibu, California where she is an aspiring banjo player, a determined tap-dancer, and an optimistic gardener.

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Clearing Emotional Clutter

with Donald Altman, author of Clearing Emotional Clutter and One-Minute Mindfulness

At one level or another, we all carry around some form of baggage, trauma, adversity, or pain from the past, which directly affects our ability to live a fulfilling life. International mindfulness expert, psychotherapist, and author Donald Altman will share easy-to-use daily practices designed to dissolve emotional clutter, whether it is old emotional wreckage from childhood or new emotional clutter that we take on every day.

Donald Altman, is the author of Clearing Emotional Clutter, One-Minute Mindfulness, and several other books about mindfulness. He is a practicing psychotherapist and former Buddhist monk. An award-winning writer and an expert on mindful eating, he teaches in the neurobiology program at Portland State University.

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Being Enough: Writing Your Way to Fulfillment

with Jennifer Louden, author of The Life Organizer

There is a sweet spot you can create and inhabit where that constant feeling of not keeping up, not moving fast enough, and not being good enough fades away and a deep sense of being becomes your new foundation. Through powerful mindfulness techniques and potent journaling prompts, you’ll experience enoughness and walk away with the tools you need to recreate it everyday From there, you can create the life you desire.

Jennifer Louden is the author of The Life Organizer and The Woman’s Comfort Book. A personal growth pioneer who helped launch the self-care movement, she’s written 5 additional books on well-being and whole living that have inspired women all over the world. Jen has been teaching retreats and leading workshops since 1992, and creating vibrant online communities and innovative learning experiences since 2000, including her newest program, The Oasis.

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Shift Happens: How to Bounce Back from Disappointment, Difficulty, and Even Disaster

with Linda Graham, author of Bouncing Back

Dealing effectively with the challenges and crises of life is the core of our resilience and well-being.  This class is designed to help you develop flexible and adaptive strategies for coping with everyday disappointments, as well as extraordinary disasters, which is the heart of any transformative process.

Linda Graham, MFT, is the author of Bouncing Back. She is a licensed psychotherapist and meditation teacher in full-time practice in the San Francisco Bay Area who integrates her passion for neuroscience, mindfulness, and relational psychology through trainings, consultations, workshops, and conferences nationally.

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