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In this two-hour studio recording interview, Toltec shaman and New York Times bestselling author of The Four Agreements, The Mastery of Love, and other books shares the story of his life and awakening.

Learn from don Miguel as he details the journey of his life from physician to beloved author and teacher whose words have touched the lives of millions around the world.

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Join don Jose Ruiz, Toltec shaman and author of The Wisdom of the Shamans and The Medicine Bag, as he explores why storytelling is such an important tool for human communication. In this incredible talk, Jose shares cultural stories from his Toltec heritage, as well as personal stories from his life and from his father, don Miguel Ruiz. 

In this course, you will learn:

-Why stories are important for humanity
-How to use stories to teach lessons
-Toltec tales that you can pass on to your friends and family


Join author HeatherAsh Amara every Monday and Thursday at 4PM EST, 1PM PST, for a book club discussion group LIVE on Facebook.


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Highly recommended that you read her bestselling classic, Warrior Goddess Training now.

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Dr. Eric Maisel is the author of more than 50 books. His work includes creativity, the creative life, and the profession of creativity coaching, which he founded; issues of life purpose and meaning; mental health and critical psychology.

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Upgrade Your Brain

Learn the Secrets of Neuropsychology to Reprogram Your Mind
for Peace & Clarity

Do you struggle with fear, anxiety, and worry? Do you have intrusive thoughts? Are you ready to be free of them?

While every one of us has a voice in our head that runs constantly, for many this voice focuses predominantly on negatives and worst-case scenarios, and the result is that we often experience excessive fear, grief, sadness—and even panic. According to neuropsychology professor and bestselling author Dr. Chris Niebauer, there is a solution!

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Creativity As A Spiritual Practice Series
with Julia Cameron, SARK & Other Leading Creative Guides

Episodes & Bonus Items

Now you can access all seven recorded episodes on this page. The Bonus items are included along with the episodes below. ENJOY and be sure to use the Send Us A Message button to tell us what you gained! We want to hear from you.

Day One - Episode #1 with SARK! REPLAY Now Available


Popularly known as SARK, Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy is the author of many bestselling books, an artist, and an inspirational spiritual teacher to millions around the world. SARK’s purpose is to be a transformer, uplifter and laser beam of love, and she does that through her art, words and spirit. Her work has been hailed by Maya Angelou, Wayne Dyer, Chip Conley, Louise Hay, and many others.


SARK tells about early childhood trauma and how it affected her life.

At age 16 she meets Maya Angelou at a public library and gets some magic words.

What the “marvelous messy middle” is and how to use it.

Why forcing yourself to forgive might actually be harmful.

And much more…

* PLUS: How to Write A Love Note from Your Inner Wise Self

Day One - Episode #2 with Dr Marie Mbouni REPLAY Now Available

Dr. Marie Mbouni

Marie Mbouni is a healing artist, creativity coach, as well as a practicing MD. Born and raised in Cameroon, Africa, her mission is to help others tap into their own creative power and to experience healing in all aspects of life.


How Marie believed them when say said, "You're just not creative. Find something else to do that you can be good at."

She took that advice and became a successful physician—but something was missing!

What happened when she enrolled in an online art class, "Just to watch."

How awakening her inner artist has made other areas of her life come alive.

* PLUS: A guided 5 minute meditation that's easy to remember and practice (it's simple and life-changing)

Click here to read the article with the World Economic Forum study showing that Creativity is a Top Job Skill Needed in 2020

Day One - Episode #3 with Albert Flynn DeSilver REPLAY Now Available

Albert Flynn DeSilver

Albert Flynn DeSilver is an American poet, memoirist, writer and speaker. Albert teaches nationally at the Omega Institute, 1440 Multiversity, Shambhala Mountain, the Esalen Institute and at writing conferences nationally. Albert has read and shared the stage with International bestselling authors Cheryl Strayed, Elizabeth Gilbert, and many others. His latest book is “Writing as a Path to Awakening: A Year to Becoming an Excellent Writer and Living an Awakened Life.”


We enter an imaginary writing retreat and Albert talks the importance of cultivating silence & inner connection as a doorway to the creative self.

Resistance to practicing creative presence is often a symptom of fear, anxiety, or unresolved trauma.

How to access the true inner genius nature that gives rise to creative expressions.

Using automatic writing to tune in to the inner muse.

Going back to childhood struggles in an alcoholic home under the care of an abusive hired nanny.

When teenaged Albert woke up from a blackout handcuffed to a hospital bed and how he began to recover his life using creativity.

* PLUS: A Simple "Tune-In" Process to Feel Your Feelings & Use Them for Creative Fuel

Day Two - Episode #1 with Flora Bowley REPLAY Now Available

Flora Bowley

Flora Bowley is a painter, creative pioneer, gentle guide and author of two top-selling books, Brave Intuitive Painting and Creative Revolution. Blending over twenty years of professional painting experience with her background as a yoga instructor, bodyworker, and lifelong truth seeker, Flora believes creative expression is both a birthright and crucial part of holistic well-being.


Creative ability is something that comes along with being human—everyone has this built in

It’s easy to think, “Oh I’m not a painter or creative”

People need to remember how it feels to play and explore. We forget and it’s so important to remember. It’s liberating

Creativity reopens the door to “real magic” that we had trained, beaten, or shamed out of us

What I teach isn’t just painting, it is learning how to show up and get back in touch with inner bravery, feeling, and intuition

* PLUS: a FUN practice using music and colors to access your creative self—simple, easy, and powerful!

Day Two - Episode #2 with Lee Harris REPLAY Now Available

Lee Harris

Globally acclaimed intuitive messenger, transformational leader, musician and artist. Author of the new book, Energy Speaks, which became an instant best seller. He offers grounded, practical teachings focused on helping conscious, intuitive, and sensitive people heal, thrive and live a better life.


“Creativity saved my life”

The idea that we’re here creating our lives—everything, not just in the arts—it’s life-changing.

Tapping into our personal gifts and expressing them is healing

How to listen to your body and learn to access your own intuitive gifts

Learning how to differentiate between the voice of fear and true intuition

How to learn to “speak your truth”—even when you’re afraid

How he struggled with addictions and severe weight problems as a young person

We are here to create something really unique and we can’t do that when we are always comparing ourselves to other people—and how to change this habit

How to “de-electrify” yourself and balance your energy + release anxiety

* PLUS: an exercise to identify what you need to bring your creative expressions into the real world—and dissolve the blocks that hinder you

Day Two - Episode #3 with Scott Stabile REPLAY Now Available

Scott Stabile

Scott Stabile is a writer, speaker, and workshop wizard. His inspirational posts and videos have been shared tens of millions of times across social media. He is the author of Big Love: The Power of Living with a Wide-Open Heart, and Just Love. A passionate speaker and love advocate, Scott runs daylong empowerment workshops nationally and internationally.


When we begin playing with our creativity, we tap into our essential spiritual nature in a whole new way…

How his parents were murdered when he was a young teenager

How he struggled with his sexual identity and learned to live this truth

Spent time in an enlightenment cult and how that shaped his eventual journey into a very grounded life

He wrote a movie screenplay that was produced and released in theaters. He still holds the record on IMDB as the LOWEST grossing box office of all time!
(And how what seemed like a creative disaster led into his other work.)

How to “check in with yourself” over and over again

* PLUS: a simple automatic writing exercise to access your “higher (creative) self” and gain extraordinary wisdom, guidance, and release

Day Three - Series Finale with Julia Cameron REPLAY Now Available

Julia Cameron

Internationally beloved “godmother of the creative movement,” Ms. Cameron brings a rich blend of teaching that includes artistic inner work, spiritual connection, and a devotion to living The Artist’s Way. You will learn from the lessons she shares after decades of writing and teaching students around the world.


Creativity and “spirituality” are one and the same.

Julia’s fascinating progress as a writer in her early days

What is an “Artist’s Date”?

How to use Morning Pages—and why this is not just for writers!

The story behind these practices: how Julia came to learn and then teach them

Staying alive artistically… and so much more

Details about her new book, The Listening Path, which is currently being finished

* PLUS: an exercise from The Artist’s Way—BLASTING THROUGH BLOCKS—that you can use right now (and for the rest of your life)

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Meet Your Host

Jacob Nordby is the author of The Divine Arsonist: A Tale of Awakening, and Blessed Are the Weird – A Manifesto for Creatives. He leads the Creative UnBootcamp course for students around the world, and offers transformational group retreats and individual creative guidance sessions. His third book, The Creative Cure, is set to release by Hierophant Publishing in 2020.

Meet Jacob on his website and subscribe for future updates at


Did you love a certain teacher and want to send a note to tell them so? Click the button above to visit Jacob Nordby’s site and send him a note. He will make sure it gets to the right place!

* The feedback comments below shared only by permission of these attendees. Your message will not be shared without your permission. 

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What Others Are Saying About This Series...

These reviews shared by permission of attendees who gained value from this Series

I had to write – obviously, I am. Day one of the summit down and it has been AMAZING! Listening to SARK, then Dr. Mbouni and Albert DeSilver took three hours of my time that were much needed, incredibly refreshing and full of motivation and validation in my purpose. 

My only complaint is that I lost my voice from saying “A-HA” and “YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS” a million times. 

I resonate with the message of these fine people SO much. I am a 37 year old woman, wife, mother who recently began a creative practice. Note that I say practice – it’s always been a hobby, but developing my creativity as a way of life and a source of inspiration to others has become a passion…

– Maureen S.


Thank you for such a lovely series. I thoroughly enjoyed each interview.

To be able to access this type of information – informative, inspiring, well-produced – is quite a gift.

There are many of us who really want the inspiration and a few hints but are not in the position of paying for pricey programs. This was such a wonderful gift and now I’ve discovered you, the speakers (I currently participate in a Lee Harris online Abundance course and am familiar with several other speakers) and a few new people to follow, learn from, and hopefully make future contact with. Most importantly, my own creativity fire has been given more fuel. Gratitude and Joy.

– Jacqualine Marie B.


I’m really enjoying listening to these interviews. Hearing SARK talk about Maya Angelou telling her she was all right made me cry. I’m dealing with a health issue that feels like it’s taking over my life, so I needed to hear that, and it sent me to my sketchbook to remind me that I am more than my illness. Hearing Dr Mbouni talk about embracing the connection to painting and having her professional career resonates with my own experience of working as a science writer but having my sketchbook nearby to doodle in during meetings. And I’m really learning to love the quiet time with pen and paper that Albert talks about. I’m so looking forward to hearing the other interviews, and re-listening to them so I can take more notes.

I’m not new to these online summits, but this is the first one for which I’ve wanted to listen to every interview and write down every last little nugget from them. Thanks so much for providing this.

– Cate P.


I have been listening to the Creativity as a Spiritual Practice online summit series for the past 2 days and I love it!!

I have signed for so many creativity classes, webinars, podcasts, whatever, and also spirituality ones, and I never make it through the first segment. I have listened to all of them intently with pen and paper, taking so many great notes, ideas, practices, thoughts, feelings, and more!

This series is great! It’s not the same old blah, blah, blah. It’s real. It’s honest. It’s exciting. It’s raw. Every guest has been so deep. It is not a Q & A drill. So thank you. I will keep listening. Big love to you and your guests. Can’t wait to hear Julia tomorrow!

– Marilyn H.


Wow! This was a very high-level summit and I thank you so much for offering it out to the world free of charge. I think there was something here for every person listening, something to grasp onto, something to gain, something to “ah-ha” with. I am very familiar with SARK and Flora Bowley, both whom I have followed and admired for many years now. I am appreciative to them for continuing to follow their paths and be of service to so many of us. Scott Stabile, whom I have not heard of before, blew me away. I feel his spirituality profoundly and shall seek out his book and his lectures and seminars. And last but certainly not least, you, Jacob, are an amazing listener, articulator and interviewer. I could listen to you forever. Thank you SO, SO much!!!

– Cynthia B.


I’ve really enjoyed listening to the summit. I’m also impressed with the quality of the free gifts from the speakers and the time limit of 90 days to re-listen, this is much more generous than most online summits. 

I feel this has turned up at just the right time for me. I’ve always been creative, or at least always been drawn to the visual arts and crafts. I have a degree in textile design and studied theories of creativity as part of an MA I studied in my early 20s. A few years ago I did a short course in Art Therapy. I always wanted to make creativity my career but some how it’s never taken off. I work in education, initially going into teaching and then into learning support, I now support young people in college with mental health difficulties (I’m British our college/ uni system is a bit different to the US). 

The last few years I’ve been struggling with health problems and chronic fatigue. So I’ve been finding out as much as I can about healing and through that realised how important my creative practice is to my own sense of self and wellbeing. However I time and time again come up against the usual blocks. I have recently got really interested in spirituality, listening to and reading as much as I can about it. So to come across the summit that connects creativity and spirituality at a time when I’m really considering how to move forward in my life has been inspiring. 

– Amie W.


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