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  • Do you struggle with fear, anxiety, and worry?
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While every one of us has a voice in our head that runs constantly, for many this voice focuses predominantly on negatives and worst-case scenarios, and the result is that we often experience excessive fear, grief, sadness—and even panic.

According to neuropsychology professor and bestselling author Dr. Chris Niebauer, there is a solution!

Dr. Niebauer suffered from intense anxiety and mental suffering until he discovered that anxiety is the product of an ancient, outdated neurological program that is running in the human brain. More importantly, he was able to see how the ancient spiritual traditions of the East had effectively diagnosed this program thousands of years ago, along with discovering ways to update, modify, and make it work to their advantage. 

According to Dr. Niebauer, all humans have a 40,000 year old program running in the skull, and while it served our hunter-gatherer ancestors well in millennia past, it is now responsible for the vast majority of negative thoughts and feelings we experience in the modern world!

In this online course, Dr. Niebauer will teach you the neuroscience behind the program that we call the mind, and more importantly, how you can update yours to experience more peace, joy, and serenity right now.


  • The basics of how your current "brain program" works
  • Fascinating neuropsychology facts
  • Simple exercises to help you "upgrade your brain"
  • Practical tools you can use every day to overcome anxiety & worry
  • ... and more!

Once you read this book & take the short online course, you will have tools and knowledge that can help you navigate the uncertainties of life with more peace, grace, and ease!

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The material in this course is based in part on Professor Niebauer's groundbreaking book, No Self No Problem.


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“Until you learn how to use the mind, the mind will continue to use you.”

Dr. Chris Niebauer

Chris Niebauer earned his Ph.D. in cognitive neuropsychology at the University of Toledo, specializing in the differences between the left and right sides of the human brain. He is currently a professor at Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania, where he teaches courses on consciousness, mindfulness, left- and right-brain differences, and artificial intelligence. He is the author of No Self No Problem: How Neuropsychology is Catching Up to Buddhism.

Visit him and learn more on his website: www.chrisniebauerphd.com

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