The Creative Cure Video Workshop

with Jacob Nordby


Jacob Nordby invites you to join him and many others in an inner revolution to restore creative health and sanity.

Watch this webinar and you will learn: 

  • Why restoring your creative connection is crucial to navigating your life in a rapidly changing world.
  • The 3 Enemies of Creativity (and what to do about them).
  • How your inner creative self holds the answers you need now.
  • Simple ways to heal the connection to your inner creative self and establish a daily transformative practice that can change everything.


How you became an adult and taught yourself limiting, unhelpful beliefs because of the 3 Enemies of Creativity.


Get into the Creative Green Zone every day and begin to heal the connection to your inner creative self.


Take what you've learned back into your everyday life and establish a creative practice that can restore artfulness to everything.

This book invites you to find purpose, healing, and joy as the artist of your own life.

– don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements Tweet

This recorded video workshop with Jacob Nordby is based on the information in his forthcoming book. 

The Creative Cure releases on February 16, 2021!

Get involved with this creative revolution now. 

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From the foreword by Julia Cameron

"I think this book serves as an entry way into deep creative waters - waters that the reader may find both bracing and invigorating. I share with Nordby a love of tools that “work,” and I found myself drawn to the simplicity and subtlety of the methods he suggests for unlocking a powerful and joyous self that we may have buried or forgotten."

Julia Cameron, author of The Artist's Way Tweet

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About the Author

Jacob Nordby is a writer living in Boise, Idaho. You might find him on a trail in the nearby foothills or typing away in the quietest corner of a coffee shop downtown. Learn more about his other books, speaking, online courses, and creative guidance sessions by visiting

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