Pure Magic Video Workshop Series with Judika Illes

A Course in Practical Spellcasting and Magic for the Witchcraft Curious

The transformative experience of real magic with Judika Illes

In modern times, many find themselves drawn to the ancient practices of magic but feel afraid to explore more deeply because they fear things such as: 

  • "My friends will think I'm crazy for dabbling in witchcraft."
  • "I have no idea where to start."
  • "Maybe it's dangerous—will I hurt myself or someone else if I do it wrong?"

What if the practice of witchcraft is simply remembering the magic of who you truly are?

Begin the adventure with this introductory course led by one of the most respected modern witches of our day. Judika Illes has written many books and led people through the process of restoring the connection to their natural gifts and powers. 

This best-selling author will teach you how to have fun as you learn to practice simple, effective spells and the basics of modern witchcraft.

In this Pure Magic course, Judika will teach you numerous individual spells, plus concrete advice on:

  1. How and where to practice magic
  2. How to rightly use words of power
  3. How to cleanse, protect, and enhance your magical self
  4. And more!

Learn to...

  • Listen to Mother Earth
  • Focus on your magical allies
  • Gather the simple equipment you need
  • Follow the straightforward instructions on your own

Soon you will be constructing your own spells and experiencing magic in your everyday life!

* No specialized metaphysical training is required. What is required is that  you become aware of the natural rhythms, energies, powers, and patterns of Earth and her diverse inhabitants.

This Pure Magic course is based on Judika Illes's book

What is magic?

What is magic anyway? What is this Pure Magic?

Real magic, the magic of the Earth, is Pure Magic. Magic in its purest form consists of a dialogue between Earth and yourself, a dialogue whereby you are able to express your desires, receive and recognize a response and are then able to make your wishes and desires come true. Earth’s gift to her children, it is the simplest, most basic and most ancient magical art, open to all. Expenses are minimal. No specialized metaphysical training is required. You don’t even need to understand what metaphysical means. What is required is an awareness of the natural rhythms, energies, powers and patterns of Earth and her diverse inhabitants. These rhythms and powers are then manipulated in a harmonious and conscious manner to help manifest your goals. In simple language, Pure Magic encourages you to take your dreams and desires and translate them into concrete reality.

Magic is a practical art.

By definition, magic is mysterious and effective.

The effective part is crucial: magic is a practical art. There are spells that have lasted for millennia. If they absolutely didn’t work ever for anyone, they wouldn’t be remembered. The converse is also true: no one thing works for everyone. This goes for conventional medicine, traditional medicine, educational theories and magic, too. Because your headache defied that aspirin, doesn’t mean that aspirin never works. It just wasn’t the right tool for you at that moment. “But that’s real life,” you protest, “not magic!” Well, magic is real life, too. There is a power that radiates from all living beings in varying degrees of force and clarity. The Polynesians refer to it as mana. Among the Yoruba, a prominent language group of Western Africa, it is known as axé. In Morocco, this power is called baraka and in other areas of the Islamic world some variation on that word way be used.



Each class is 90 minutes 

Class #1 Tuesday, April 12th

Class #2 – Tuesday, April 19th

Class #3 – Tuesday, April 26th

5 PM Pacific | 6 pm Mountain | 7 PM Central | 8 PM Eastern

* This class will be recorded for those who are unable to attend live. We will send you a recorded replay!

Early bird 

$149- good through Feb 1st

Regular Registration 

$199 - good through March 1st

Late Registration 

$249 - April 1st and later

Full Access Pass

$ 149
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    and $74.50 in one month!

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1). You would love to learn & experience real magic

2). You want greater access to your inner wisdom & natural gifts

3). You need tools for creating your life from a place of peace & authentic power!

WEEK 1: Magic 101

  • What exactly is a magic spell and are they real?
  • The basics of spellcasting.
  • How to practice magic and spellcasting safely.

WEEK 2: How to Develop A Relationship with Your Magical Allies 

  • Animal familiars
  • Crystals
  • Plants and botanicals
  • Spirits

WEEK 3: Let’s Cast Spells!

In this class, we will practice a various variety of diverse spells for a variety of purposes including love, prosperity, cleansing, and protection.

  • Verbal spells
  • Lunar rituals
  • Bottled oil magic spells
  • Enchanted baths
  • And more!

Judika Illes

Judika Illes is an independent scholar and an eclectic solitary practitioner. Her work focuses on Witches, Witchcraft and the magical arts including divination, folklore, and esoteric fiction, as well as Goddess devotion, fertility, and traditional methods of healing. Judika has published eight books. Her most popular work is the best-selling Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells.

Born in New York City, Judika fell in love with the magical arts as a child and has been studying them ever since. Her interests include tarot and other forms of divination, astrology, spell-casting, witchcraft, amulets, traditional healing and spirituality, Kabbalah, Egyptian Mysteries, runes, magical oils and perfumes, mythology, folklore, and fairy tales. Magical formula oils—their use and creation—are featured in several of her books. She is a certified therapeutic aromatherapist and has worked as a professional tarot card reader and spiritual counselor for over two decades.

Judika lectures and leads workshops in the United States and internationally. She also serves as a consultant and editor for Weiser Books.

Books by Judika Illes

Full Access Pass

$ 149
  • 2-payment options available! Pay $74.50 now,

    and $74.50 in one month!

    *Choose 2-payment option at checkout*

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