A Year for You 12-Month Mentoring Program


A 12-month group mentoring program based on Stephanie Bennett Vogt's new book!

Make 2020 A "Year for You"!

This live online group mentoring program is designed to help you 

Release the clutter - Reduce the stress - Reclaim your life

Cultivate extreme self-care with the help of a leading expert


Over 200,000 students have taken Stephanie Bennett Vogt's bestselling DailyOM courses!


Now...for the first time ever, you can have a full year of live mentoring in this brand-new program–at a surprisingly affordable cost!

Stephanie Bennett Vogt

transformational teacher, space-clearing expert & author

Do You Ever Struggle With

Overwhelm, stress, and anxiety

Burnout and exhaustion

Procrastination or perfectionism

Feeling uninspired, stale, or stuck

Wanting to simplify your life and care for yourself but have no idea where to begin

Adjusting to transitions or major life changes

Grieving a loss

Shame that you "just can't get it right"

Abandoning yourself in favor of other people's needs

Living your purpose, or getting clear on what that might mean for you

Get the support you need to transform your life, clear the clutter, and reclaim the inner peace & joy you deserve

Here's your opportunity to...

  • work with Stephanie in person using a Year for You book as your guide
  • take your clearing to a whole new, deeper level
  • release the underlying causes – the patterns, resistances, attachments – of anything that holds you back
  • connect with fellow participants in a more intimate way
  • give yourself a nourishing sabbatical without having to leave your home, job, or family 
  • give yourself a year just for you!
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Join Now!

12-Month Mentoring Program

Access via phone, computer, or mobile device from anywhere in the world

Each class is recorded. All replays are provided with your membership. 

MONTHLY: 60-minute sessions with live Q&A + a private Facebook group for those of you who wish to connect with fellow classmates and share your clearing experiences outside of the live sessions–you are not required to participate in the Facebook group to get full value from this program.

Mentoring Program Starts February 2020. First live session date to be announced!

Do I


Qualifications for this special program are very simple!

Stephanie has asked that all who join her be able to say "yes" to each of these qualifications:

  • Purchase the book, A Year for You (or already own it) as the only required course material.
  • Commit to staying current with the book, A Year for You–reading just 1 chapter each week in advance of our gatherings (4 chapters per month).
  • Be willing to trust in a process that might not always add up, make sense, or go in a straight line.
  • Be willing to commit to a daily practice, even if it feels too “simple,” or too “slow." 
  • Be willing to wholeheartedly give yourself this gift of a year just for you.

Are You Ready to Say YES to YOU?

Join us and...

  • Lighten your load–from the inside out–in ways that are effortless, feel good, and last

  • Get clear on what matters

  • Receive gentle guidance and support that will help you follow through and stay on track

  • Realize that you don’t have to work so hard, you are not alone, and you can do this!

  • Experience the spacious magic that has been hiding in plain sight, just waiting to reveal itself


$ 1197
  • This covers your full 12-month program! LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE–please enroll in this program as soon as possible to ensure your spot


$ 117
  • Pay $117 now and your next 11 equal payments will process in automatic 30-day increments from start date


Program Features – How It Works

  1. A once-a-month "virtual clearing circle” for women, led by Stephanie in-person, with all sessions recorded for anyone who cannot attend live.
  2. This is a deep dive experience of the Spacious Way – a proven clearing method that takes you on a journey of slowing down, simplifying, sensing, surrendering, and self-care [the five S’s]
  3. Twelve sessions will run from Feb 2020 to Feb 2021.
  4. The program includes a private Facebook group to give participants a place to connect outside of our meeting time; a place to share your stories, and support one another over the course of the year in a safe, confidential space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the dates?
A: The live program – via phone, computer, or mobile device from anywhere in the world – will take place every 3rd Thursday of the month, beginning February 20, 2020, and ending January 21, 2021. That is 12 sessions total. 
Q: What time are the sessions?
A: For those living in the US, the live gatherings will start at 4 pm Eastern time, 3 pm Central, 2 pm Mountain, 1 pm Pacific. For those living overseas, the times are 9 pm UK, 10 pm Netherlands, 8 am Sydney, Australia, and 10 am Auckland, New Zealand.
Q: What if I can't make the sessions?
A: No worries, each session will be recorded to listen to at your convenience. Plus there will be a special (optional) private Facebook group set up for you to ask questions that may come up, share your experiences, and connect with others.
Q: How long are the sessions?
A: We'll aim for an hour, but it could run longer.
Q: Can I cancel at any time?
A: No. Think of it as an investment in your spacious self. Because clearing has a way of bringing up all of our unprocessed shadow stuff, it can make us feel squirmy sometimes, or want to bail and quit. Making a commitment to yourself by going “all in” is the most powerful way to set a strong intention, build trust, soften resistances, and grow new habits that lead to lasting change. 
Q: I worry that this program may be too basic. How deep does it go?
A: The beauty of this program is that it is designed to meet you where you are and take you as far and deep as you want to go. Whether your clutter challenge is physical, mental, or emotional, you’ll be clearing it from the inside out at a pace that works for you.
Q: I need help now. I don't have time to take my time. How can this program help me when I need to tackle clutter more quickly?
A: “Tackle” is not where it’s at with this work. And you can’t rush letting go. Sorry. The name of the game here it to “go slow to go fast.” If this seems contradictory, let me explain: We cannot release stress and clutter when we are in a constant state of alert and overwhelm. It won’t make a dent on clearing the patterns and habits that got you stuck in the first place, nor lead to lasting change.

A Year for You is the curriculum

In A Year for You, author and space clearing expert Stephanie Bennett Vogt explains the Spacious Way, a method that teaches you how to gently release the underlying causes of stress, struggle, and overwhelm.

You will learn to practice "The 5 S's":

  1. Slowing down
  2. Simplifying
  3. Sensing
  4. Surrendering
  5. and Self-care

This book helps you nourish your life and clear any physical, mental, emotional, or energetic clutter for good. The result is a quieter mind, a clearer home, and a gentler, holistic understanding of the underlying causes of clutter and stress.


Stephanie Bennett Vogt

Stephanie Bennett Vogt is a leading space clearing expert, teacher, and author of five books. She brings forty years of teaching experience to SpaceClear, the practice she founded in 1996 to help homes and people come into balance. Stephanie has taught her inspiring clearing programs at centers worldwide, including the Kripalu Center, and the New England School of Feng Shui, and is the creator of four best-selling courses, offered on DailyOM, which have attracted over 200,000 participants. Stephanie is best known for her game-changing and transformational approach to clearing known as the Spacious Way – a proven method that releases the underlying causes of clutter, stress, struggle, and overwhelm…for good. Her unique perspectives on slowing down, simplifying, and self-care also appear in the Huffington Post, and in two book anthologies. 
Meet her at www.spaceclear.com

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