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Journey with the Shamans

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is airfare included?

No, you are responsible for your own airfare to and from Peru. Most international travelers, especially those coming from the USA, will want to fly into Lima on a regular carrier such as American, Delta, United, or AeroMexico. Once in Lima, book air travel to Cusco on Please try to arrive in Cusco between 10am and 4pm. It is a two-hour ride to the hotel in the Sacred Valley.


Q: Are all meals included?

Most are, yes. Please see the itinerary by day on our home page to see which meals are included each day.


Q: Is ground transportation included?

Yes. You will be picked up and returned to the airport, and will also be transported by bus or train on each day trip. The cost of this is included in your booking fee. All ground transport is arranged either by us or our hosts.


Q: What else will I need to bring?

Please bring money for any gifts, souvenirs, or additional meals and snacks that you might want beyond the meals already included.


Q: Is lodging included?

Yes, all hotel stays are included in your booking fee.


Q: If I purchase a shared room, will you place me with another participant?

Yes. If you are traveling alone and purchased a shared room, we will place you in a room with another participant of the same sex. If you are traveling with someone, please provide us with their name and we will make sure you are placed in the same room.

Special Note: Don Jorge Delgado, who lives in Peru, will be hosting a special Zoom event in September of 2023 for all attendees. During this time, he will answer any additional questions about the upcoming journey.

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