The Lotus and the Lily with Janet Conner, hosted by Randy Davila

The Lotus and the Lily

How to Create a Life of Abundance by Applying the Parallel Teachings of Jesus and The Buddha

 A FREE teleclass with Janet Conner, author of The Lotus and the Lily, and the #1 book on journal-writing in America, Writing Down Your Soul

Hosted by Randy Davila, author of The Gnostic Mystery and President of Hampton Roads Publishing & Hierophant Publishing

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Although they lived six hundred years and thousands of miles apart,

and gave birth to two very different spiritual traditions,

the Buddha and Jesus taught exactly the same thing:

you create a beautiful life by creating fertile conditions, not by asking for anything.

~The Lotus and the Lily

Did you know that The Buddha gave us a formula to create a beautiful, abundant life?

Did you know that Jesus gave us a formula to create a beautiful, abundant life?

Did you know that both these masters taught exactly the same thing?

And…guess what! They did not teach anything resembling our current obsession with the Law of Attraction. They both taught “The Great Paradox of Prosperity.”

Join bestselling author, Janet Conner and discover…

      • Why New Year’s resolutions don’t work—and what does
      • The surprising parallel teaching of Buddha and Jesus on how to create a beautiful, abundant life
      • “The Great Paradox of Prosperity”
      • 9 dramatic differences between the Law of Attraction and the teachings of The Lotus and the Lily
      • The cosmic power of an Intention Mandala
      • The two “engines of change” and how to incorporate them into your daily life

Janet Conner is the author of Writing Down Your Soul, the #1 book on journal-writing, My Soul Pages, its unique companion journal. Janet’s newest book, The Lotus and the Lily, cracks the abundance code linking the wisdom of the inner voice with the surprising parallel teachings of Buddha and Jesus. She speaks around the country and teaches five global telecourses in her signature series, Your Soul Wants Five Things. On Thursday, January 3, 2013, Janet’s new radio show, The Soul-Directed Life opens on Unity Online