• Relationship Communication with Cynthia Kane

    Relationship Communication with Cynthia Kane

    Do you feel like you're having trouble speaking effectively to the people you love? In this course, led by How To Communicate Like a Buddhist author Cynthia Kane, you'll learn the ideal methods of communication during times of stress, and change the way you think about speaking with those that matter most to us.

  • Lucid Dreaming with Dr. Clare Johnson

    Lucid Dreaming with Dr. Clare Johnson

    In this course led by Dr. Clare Johnson, author of Mindful Dreaming: Harness the Power of Lucid Dreaming for Happiness, Health, and Positive Change, you’ll learn the first steps to having lucid dreams and how to guide yourself through the “waking dream” world. Dr. Johnson gives tips for decoding the symbolic language of dreams and shares her best practical techniques for working – and playing! – with dreams for a happier, more vibrant life.

  • Publish YOU Master Class with Randy Davila

    Publish YOU Master Class with Randy Davila

    During this four-week intensive event led by Randy Davila, President of both Hampton Roads and Hierophant Publishing, you’ll learn the nuances of the publishing industry and all the tools necessary to be successful in today’s rapidly changing publishing world. In addition, you’ll have a chance to pitch YOUR BOOK to Randy at the end of the class.

  • Dragon Magick with Pheonix Moon

    Dragon Magick with Pheonix Moon

    Dragons have fascinated humankind since the beginning of time, and though their physical presence on our planet is debated, their incredible energy has been channeled by dedicated followers for centuries into a practice of love and light. In this 4-week course, you’ll learn deep-concentration techniques for getting in-tune with the universal dragon energy.

  • Eat Less Meat in 30 Days

    Eat Less Meat in 30 Days

    Meat over-consumption has drastically altered the once balanced human diet, causing wildly increased risk for diseases and environmental damage. In this course, led by Mic's Food Editor Kate Bratskier, you’ll learn how to effectively reduce the amount of meat you eat in under a month. Kate will go over common myths and questions about meat-reduced diets, as well as share easy recipes and a guide on meal-planning to help you get all the nutrients you need.

  • Reclaim Your Motherlove

    Reclaim Your Motherlove

    The mother/child relationship can be one of the most challenging to manage once you reach adulthood, especially if there were unresolved feelings with your mother during childhood. In this course, you'll learn to shift your lifelong perspective of your mother and to identify and disengage from belief systems that no longer serve you. The goal is to be in a whole, complete relationship with this person you call "mother" and define your relation to her not only as her child, but as another human being as well; we call this “finding your Motherlove.” This process offers the deepest healing for ourselves, as we explore the most profound connection of this life, our experiences of the person who very literally brought us here.