Eat Less Meat new

Learn to be healthier, and more environmentally conscious, by eating less meat


Meat has been a steady part of the human diet ever since cavemen learned to hunt, but modern ease-of-access to animal products and the Western culture focus on meat-first meals has turned our once balanced eating regimen into an over-consumption of meat. This imbalance is not only hurting our bodies—eating too much meat can lead to things like heart disease, weight gain, osteoporosis, and kidney damage—it hurts the world around us. Demand for meat leads to heavy deforestation for the creation of new cattle farms, greenhouse gases, especially methane, is produced in incredibly large amounts by farm animals, and extra distribution needs means increases of harmful pesticides and fuels at the processing plants.

This does not mean we need to stop eating meat entirely—meat is a great source of protein and vitamins that our bodies need, and it can also be extremely delicious. However, by cutting our meat consumption by even a quarter, we can greatly reduce our risk for over-consumption sicknesses and help our planet in the process!

In this course, led by Mic‘s Food Editor Kate Bratskeir, you’ll learn how to effectively reduce the amount of meat you eat in under a month. Kate will go over common myths and questions about meat-reduced diets (“How will I get enough protein?”, “Isn’t growing vegetables just as harmful to the environment?”, “I don’t like the taste of anything else, what will I eat?”) as well as share easy recipes and a guide on meal-planning to help you get all the nutrients you need.


In this course, you will learn:

-Why you should consider eating less meat
-How to effectively reduce the amount of meat in your diet

-How to cook amazing plant-focused meals that won’t make you miss meat at all
-To establish a meal plan for balanced eating
-The truths about meat-reduced diet myths

Dates and Time

This class will take place on August 7th, August 14th, August 21st, and August 28th, 2018, from 8:00 – 9:30 pm Eastern time (5:00 – 6:30 pm Pacific Standard Time).

If you cannot attend a live session, a recorded copy will be emailed to you the following day.

How This Course Works

This is a four-sessionlive webinar event; please see the dates listed above.

At the designated times, you will log into your course’s classroom by clicking on the URL provided during registration (don’t worry, we’ll send you a reminder email the day before your class starts!)

You’ll be able to interact with your instructor through a chat box provided in the classroom. There will be time for Q&A after the presentation.

If you have any issues getting into the classroom on the day of your event, you will be able to call our class attendant for assistance. 

Kate Bratskeir is a food and health journalist. Currently working for Mic, she reports about nutrition, bogus health trends and the environment. You can follow her on Twitter @kbratskeir.


Early Registration (good through July 31) $29
Regular Registration (August 1 – 6) $39
Late Registration (August 7) $49