The Art Of Relationships

Live Teleclass


This special teleclass series is designed for you if…

1) You are in a relationship and want to improve or supercharge it
2) You continue to repeat the same types of relationships and want to change the pattern
3) You aren’t in a relationship but are ready for one

Bestselling authors HeatherAsh Amara & don Miguel Ruiz Jr.
teach Relationship Mastery from Toltec principles and other wisdom traditions



Tuesday November 14 

Thursday November 30

Tuesday December 5

6 pm Pacific / 7 pm Mountain
8 pm Central / 9 pm Eastern

Each live class session will be recorded and we will send you a replay link so you won’t miss a thing!



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Navigating Your Relationships Through the Holidays

Intimate relationships are often the most challenging connections in life. They are laden with promise for safety, pleasure, and fulfillment, but frequently become battlegrounds where insecurities and personal demons come out to play—robbing the joy from what you hoped would be paradise.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

HeatherAsh Amara and don Miguel Ruiz Jr. have spent decades learning how to love the Toltec way. This means greater liberation, deeper intimacy, and tremendous honesty—the ingredients for real happiness in loving partnerships.

During this highly-interactive three week course, you will learn…

  • How to speak your truth in love
  • How to know what you want (and ask for it!)
  • How to spot and deconstruct the biggest myths that destroy real intimacy
  • And much more!


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HeatherAsh Amara’s bestselling books in the Warrior Goddess Training series speak to reclaiming true power, wisdom, and authenticity. She brings her background of learning deeply from the Toltec, Buddhist, and other wisdom traditions to the question of how to be in right relationship to yourself and another.

Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. carries on in the lineage of the Toltec teachers and brings the power and wisdom of their ancient principles to life in modern times. His bestselling books explore the nature of attachments, how to achieve true freedom, how to co-create life as a work of art, and much more.